5 reasons, why a website build on WordPress is good for your Business.

WordPress has become more synonyms to web development environment than ever before, many business owners like to have a professional website for their brand and companies build in WordPress. The reason for this is not one but many, the most important being that it’s the most popular content management system that exists to date.

Adapted by millions of users around the world for developing search engine friendly blogs, websites and complex applications, WordPress has become the most famous web development framework that allows easy modification, updates, and customization on the fly.

WordPress is a most common framework amount many a Web Designing Service providers in Auckland. For the sack of writing this article, we will be discussing 5 most essential feature of wordpress that makes it the No.1 CMS today.

5 Good Reasons to Choose WordPress -Whether you are a web design company or a business owner.

Unlimited Themes

The beauty of wordpress development is that you have thousands of themes to choose from, whether you in a hospitality industry, automobile, education or perhaps a web designing service you will never run out of designs and themes.

Thanks to tens of thousands of designers and developers who are publishing wordpress themes every day. These themes are built on standard coding standards and are tested for any bugs or design issues. So when you are using a theme you can be sure of its quality and speed. There are many marketplaces on the web which sells wordpress themes of all types for very minimal cost and also provides support.

Unlimited Plugins

Another hot selling feature of wordpress websites is it’s extendible functionality addons called plugins. These plugins are build by professional coders to provide an extra functionality to the website that can otherwise cost hugely if build by a dedicated coder. The plugins are extremely helpful especially when you need customized functionality such as room booking, service booking etc.

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A good Web Design Company will however, use plugins just when its most needed, otherwise they will have to add functionality using php code, this is done to save load time. As using many plugins on a single website can adversely affect its load time. The last thing you will want is your website loading time being more than usual.

Easy to updated content

Since WordPress is popular for being the best content management system what it really means is that you don’t need a web design company to update content for you when you need it. Once its up and running, wordpress website allows different user roles to write, publish and approve content when it’s needed. All you have to do is to edit the content and publish it just like you would have an article published on LinkedIn.

Search Engine Loves It

WordPress was first introduced for bloggers so they can have there blogs published in no time and in the easiest way. Since blogs are the most favorite hangout spots for search engines, for the obvious reason that most useful information resides here. Using wordpress has a huge advantage for the reason that search engines especially Google, holds a soft spot for it due to its SEO friendly structure and good user experience.

A Budding Community

A good web designing service always recommends WordPress websites to its customers. Not only it has a huge end-user base but the wordpress development community itself is huge. The wordpress community exists to create, collaborate and help resolve issues in a collaborative environment. So when a web design company tells you “Don’t take my word for it” they mean to say there are thousands of wordpress gurus who are actively adding new things to wordpress, to make it more robust and secure content management system.