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CS Roofing and Numero partnered in 2016. We restructured their marketing spend and dominated Google with a blended solution of website, hosting, SEO and Google Ads. This positioned them as the number one roofing contractor in the region.


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their highest revenue
month ever

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Trades - Roofing


SEO, Website, Hosting, Google Ads, Content, Call Tracking


CS Roofing is an established medium size enterprise  based in Southland. As Numero service NZ wide, we were a front runner to restructure the marketing budget that was being invested in traditional print media, radio and the Yellow Pages.  As times evolved, CS Roofing came to the glaringly obvious decision that having their own website, rather than relying on business cards and flyer drops and the phone book was the correct move.  


Firstly, we met for a discovery session, where we got to know the desired business outcomes of CS Roofing.

By building a new website, alongside a clear SEO and Google Ads strategy, our aim was to provide transparent data showing exactly how much CS Roofing were paying per customer.  This enabled key stakeholders to confidently scale their budgets up and down, according to their desired work volume.  The promise made from Numero to CS Roofing, was that rather than “feeling” like their advertising was working, we would report on the exact return on investment numbers, using call tracking, and Universal Analytics (the most accurate website reporting software in the world at the time (now called GA4)).

CS Roofing’s challenge was not having a website. Luckily, the client had an existing logo and established bricks and mortar brand. Our job was to migrate this traditional advertising strategy to the digital age.

Having worked with several prominent New Zealand businesses in the trades industry, the task at hand was music to our ears, proven by the numbers.



their highest revenue
month ever


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