The 5 Skills That Web Developers in NZ Should Have

When you are looking for web developers in Wellington, Christchurch, or anywhere in NZ, you want to ensure that they are the real deal! In order to have a website that runs optimally and attracts your ideal clients, it is important that you work with a web developer that is skilled and experienced.

Here are the five skills that professional web developers in NZ should have!

Knowledge of HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript

If you are unfamiliar with web development, then HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may sound like a foreign language to you. But these are three most important aspects of any web development project, and any web developer in Christchurch should be skilled in all three! HTML provides the structure, CSS is responsible for the visual layout, and JavaScript plays a role in functioning and the overall user experience. Having these working in unison is essential to the success of your project!


When things get lost in communication, a lot can go wrong! While honest mistakes do happen at times it is essential that your web developer have excellent communication skills to prevent any mistakes from happening. They should be good listeners to gain a thorough understanding for what it is that you are looking for from your site, and be able to keep in touch with you as your project develops.

Time Management

When it comes to building a website, many of us are under time constraints. You may have been promoting a launch date on your social media pages and if things fall behind it can make your business look bad. A good web developer should have excellent time management skills so that they can deliver you your website on the time that has been stipulated.

SEO and Debugging

You want to go with a web developer in Wellington that can offer you the full experience. This means handing over a fully optimised website at the end of your project. You don’t want to have to hassle with copywriters, SEO experts etc on top of dealing with a web developer. If a web developer does not have these skills they should be able to find someone that does to commission for the project.

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