Victoria Dentist

343 Conversions per month and huge revenue uplift!

Victoria Dentist were struggling to get big traction, with a new marketing strategy from Numero in place they were able to attract 600 new clients in 8 months resulting in a massive increase in revenue.


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first 8 months

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Victoria Dentists, based in Hamilton, were understanding of the importance of being front and centre when their potential clients where looking online for dentistry services.  Above and beyond the basic requirement of showcasing their work , Victoria Dentists specifically wanted to highlight their partnership with Invisalign.  They approached Numero to bridge the gap between understanding their needs and being able to take action.


The client wanted custom banners and to piggy back off the well known Invisalign brand. The site is content rich with multiple pages displaying each service. The client also wanted a site where the whole screen was used, with minimal blank space. Numero where able to deliver exactly that. We filled the majority of the pages with useful content and calls to action. As you can see from the site, the conversion rate is through the roof and is tracking very well. A project to be proud of.

We researched the local market, Invisalign, and combined our findings with best practice professional services website design. This strategic approach culminated in a highly converting lead machine.  Victoria Dentists is now in a position to pick and choose from their most valuable preferred clients.


THE GOAL – Increase visibility and user engagement.

The result - a 3,853% Increase in users within the first 8 months

+ 3,853%