Digital Advertising 101: Pay Per Click In Auckland Explained

If you are looking to increase traffic to your website, an excellent tool to use is pay per click advertising in Auckland. It allows you to get your adverts placed in front of users who have already demonstrated their interest in your product or service. And you only pay if they click through to your website from the ad.

Read on to learn more about how pay per click advertising works in Auckland and how you can use this very effective marketing tool.

What Is Pay Per Click In Auckland?

Google Ads offers a pay per click advertising solution that is the most commonly used advertising network. Other platforms offer similar services, such as Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads.

The way it works is that businesses can bid on specific preselected keywords for a chance to show an advert on a search engine results page (SERP). As Google is the most commonly used search engine, Google Ads is a great place to start your pay per click campaign in Auckland.

The critical thing to note is that you only pay for the advert if someone clicks on it to visit your website, giving you more bang for your buck. You are also entirely in control of the keyword selection and the budget.

How To Start Your Pay Per Click Campaign In Auckland

Your digital marketing company will help you to set up your pay per click parameters to get the maximum benefit from this type of advertising. In a nutshell, here is the process that will be followed:

  • Identification of a set of keywords that are relevant to the products and services that you offer. Remember to think like a potential customer when creating this list – what will they type into a search engine search when seeking what you offer?
  • The campaign will then be set up in Google Ads along with your desired budget.
  • The bidding will begin based on how your campaign is set up. You can opt for an automated bid strategy by setting an average daily budget, and Google Ads will do the work for you. Or, if you would like the manage the bid process yourself, you can opt for the manual bidding option. This allows you to move the budget to things that are working well.

Contact Numero today to add pay per click advertising in Auckland to your digital marketing campaign. We can do a free Google Ads audit for your business and help you generate high-converting landing pages for your campaign.