Here’s why Google AdWords will work for your business

When you do a search on Google for a product, brand, or service, you will see ads on the search results page. Why are they there? Companies run those ads because Google’s advertising platform, AdWords, works. It works for their business, and it can work for yours too.

To understand this further, here are the main reasons why Google AdWords will work for your business.

Generates New Leads and Customers

AdWords is an active advertising tool that is about getting conversions. In other words, it will get you leads and customers. Of course, you need to set up your campaigns properly, but you’ll get tangible results when you do.

You Control the Amount You Spend

AdWords gives you a lot of settings to use when creating a campaign. One of the most important is the amount you wish to spend over a set period of time. This gives you complete control.


Regardless of how much you spend, AdWords is a cost-effective advertising tool. That doesn’t mean it is the cheapest, as you will probably already know of methods of advertising that are cheaper. When you combine the results and the amount you spend, however, AdWords is a very cost-effective platform.

You Can Start Small

The minimum spend on AdWords is very low which means you can get started with AdWords ads at minimal cost. This makes it possible to test what works and what doesn’t, learn more about the market, and more.

Fast Results

One of the main benefits of AdWords is the immediacy of the results it delivers. In fact, your ads can start running within hours of you launching a campaign, with results coming in right away.

Highly Targeted

Unlike other forms of advertising, AdWords gives you extremely powerful targeting tools. These tools go much further than targeting people based on geographical area or interest. Instead, you also target people based on the keywords they search for on Google. In other words, you can target people who are ready to make a purchase simply by selecting the right keywords.

You Only Pay When People Click Through to Your Website

Another advantage of AdWords is you don’t pay to display your ads on a Google search results page. Instead, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Of course, a click doesn’t mean the person will go on to become a customer. That said, there is a much closer correlation between the money you pay and the results you get with AdWords than most other forms of advertising.

Easy to Measure Return on Investment

You can quickly setup tracking on your AdWords campaigns enabling you to directly link sales and leads in your business to clicks and spend on AdWords. This makes it possible to measure the ROI of your AdWords’ campaigns.

You Can Test, Refine, and Improve

It is also possible to test all elements of your campaign, so you can make improvements. This includes split testing where you can test different keywords, negative keywords, ad headlines, ad text, landing pages, and more.

Gets Your Brand and Products in Front of People at the Right Time

Understanding user intent is important to making AdWords campaigns work. When you do, you can select keywords that have buying intent to include in your campaigns. This ensures you target people at the right time, i.e. when they are ready or almost ready to buy.

Learn More About Your Customers

The knowledge you get from running AdWords campaigns, including the results you achieve, will give you new information about your customers. You can then use that information to improve your other marketing initiatives and your business overall.

AdWords is a platform that can get you sales. If you don’t use it yet, you should consider doing so now.