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Terms Of Service

Numero’s General Terms of Service

These General Terms of Service outline the terms of use for all products and services provided by Numero.

Numero Responsibilities:

  1. Numero will provide the agreed-upon products and services to the best of its abilities and in accordance with New Zealand industry standards.
  2. Numero will maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information shared by the Client, subject to legal obligations.

Client Responsibilities:

  1. The Client will provide Numero with accurate and complete information necessary for the provision of all Numero’s products and services.
  2. The Client is responsible for ensuring the legality, accuracy, and compliance of any content provided to Numero for use in all advertising and organic campaigns.


  1. The Client agrees to pay Numero the agreed-upon fees for products and services rendered.
  2. Invoices shall be paid within the specified payment terms, as outlined in the proposal or agreement.

Digital Assets:

  1. All digital assets provided by Numero, including but not limited to ad accounts, designs, graphics, and code, are the property of the client once paid for in full, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Technical Support:

  1. Numero will provide reasonable technical support to address any issues or concerns related to the products and services provided.
  2. Technical support will be available during Numero’s regular business hours, unless otherwise specified.


  1. All agreements shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which Numero operates.
  2. Any disputes arising out of or relating to Numero’s agreement shall be resolved through good faith negotiations between the parties.

Companies and Trusts:

  1. If the Client is a company or trust, the person agreeing to Numero’s terms represents and warrants that they have the authority to bind the entity of the agreement.


  1. These terms and conditions are subject to change based on the specific written proposal and agreed campaign terms outlined in the client’s proposal document.
  2. Any variations to these terms must be agreed upon in writing by both parties.
  3. The agreed Client proposal and campaign terms may supersede these general terms and conditions.

For more information or inquiries regarding our terms of service, please contact us via our “Contact Us” page on our website.