Web Development Mistakes to Avoid: Advice from Web Development Experts in Wellington

Having a website developed can be a very exciting time, but when things go wrong excitement can turn into disaster very quickly. As professionals in web development in Wellington we have had to fix many web development and design mistakes over the years. In this article we’ll outline some of the most common web development mistakes so that you know how to avoid them!

Bad SEO Practices

Bad SEO practices cut corners in the effort to achieve results faster, but bad SEO practices can cause your website to be blacklisted so they should be avoided at all costs! SEOis very complex and you should only put your trust in true SEO experts when having a website developed.

Not Developing for Different Screen Sizes

Your potential customers could be browsing your site on a PC, on a tablet or a mobile phone. If your website is not optimised for all different screen sizes then you may be chasing many customers away from your site. This is a fairly simple aspect to optimise for, and it should be paid the attention that it deserves.

Slow Loading Speeds

We all know how frustrating it is when a web page takes ages to load. One of the most important aspects to good web development is fast loading speeds. It does not matter how great your website is, if it has slow loading speeds potential customers will click out of your site and go back to search results and look for something faster.

Confusing Navigation

Any good web development specialist in Wellington will know how important it is to have straightforward navigation. Potential customers want to be able to access information easily and find what they are looking for at the click of a button. Over complicated layouts or hard to read text make this difficult.

Not Enough Customisation

Each and every business is unique and has something different to offer their target market. While templates have their place and can be very useful when it comes to designing simple sites, oftentimes templates do not allow you to get the customisation needed for more complex sites. Using templates that customers have seen time and time again can be very boring for them.

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