3 SEO Myths Debunked For Your Company In New Zealand

Anyone serious about making their website work for them will likely to be implementing SEO strategies, either in-house or outsourced to an SEO company in New Zealand.

Either way, for your SEO campaign to produce the desired results, it is vital not to fall into the trap of believing these SEO myths. Read on to learn more about these SEO company myths in New Zealand.

  1. SEO Is A Once-Off Activity

When SEO activities are seen to be working, and search engine rankings have risen to the top, the inclination might be to think that the work is done. However, this is not true. If SEO is neglected, you will see declining website traffic before long. And this is something that can easily be measured.

Your SEO company in New Zealand works on a monthly retainer because they need to work on your SEO on an ongoing basis, consistently striving to keep your rankings at the top.

  1. Only The Number 1 Position Will Do

While research shows that the number one ranked result in a search engine search will get the most hits, with declining hits as the rankings go down the page, it is not only the top slot that gets hits.

With updates in the way Google presents the search results, there are multiple opportunities for a hit by structuring the content on your website to encourage other listings on a search engine results page (SERP), such as:

  • Rich snippets which add additional information to the result, for example, a star rating or review result
  • Featured snipped
  • Answer box
  • Knowledge graph
  • Panels and side boxes
  • Images
  • Shopping results

Done right, your SEO company in New Zealand might even be able to get you to appear on the SERP more than once in different callout formats.

  1. Website Design Is Not Important To SEO

This is not true because the very design, appearance and how it is coded give your website the boost it needs to ensure a top ranking. To ensure the best possible outcomes from your SEO efforts, take cognisance of these vital web design pointers:

  • An error-free, fast-loading website that works on all platforms
  • Relevant content that search engines can readily index
  • Appealing layout and easy user interface to keep potential customers engaged

Chat to the experts at Numero today; we are a leading SEO company in New Zealand and can show you how to get top rankings and excellent results with our SEO services.