6 Things Your Website Designer in NZ Should Never Do

When you are having a website designed, you want to ensure that you are working with one of the best website designers in Christchurch or anywhere else in New Zealand, so that the end result of your website looks fantastic and functions like a dream. In this list we’ll give you a run down of a few things that your website designer should never do (so you know what the warning signs look like). As professional website designers in Hamilton ourselves, we feel like this is a topic that we are quite knowledgeable about.

Not Asking About Your Target Audience

The website designer will need to gain information about your target audience in order to market your website towards them most effectively. If they don’t ask questions about your target audience it is a clear sign that they may not actually care if your site is attractive to your dream clients or not.

Creating a Slow Loading Website

One of the worst things that a website designer in Tauranga or anywhere in the world for that matter could do is create a website that takes way too long to load. Potential customers will get frustrated and head back to search results to find something better, probably your competition!

Forgetting About Call to Actions

Call to actions prompt the site user to perform a desired action like signing up for an email list, buying a certain product etc. They are very important and leaving them out of any website is inexcusable.

Leaving Out SEO

Any modern website design should come fully optimised for SEO so that your site can start climbing up the search results and attracting quality clients from the get go. Make sure that your website designer in Christchurch understands SEO.

Fonts That Are Too Small

No one wants to have to zoom in on a website just to read the font. Fonts that are too small are a rookie mistake.

Not Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Not having a mobile friendly site in 2022 is just out of the question!

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