What are the 5 Most Important Factors to Incorporate into Your Web Design in Christchurch?

Are you looking at having a new website designed in Christchurch? A website plays a vital role in the success of your business and maintaining an online presence. When having a website designed by professional web designers, you still have the power to ensure that certain factors are incorporated into your website.

Here at Numero, we are experts in web design in Christchurch, and we believe the following 5 factors are very important when it comes to building a new site!


When you have a potential customer viewing your site, you want your brand name to stick as a memory in their minds, and this requires you to use branding effectively. Of course your website should not be overloaded with your logo, but your brand name and logo should be strategically placed.

Local SEO

If your website in Christchurch aims at attracting customers in Christchurch, then localSEO is an absolute must. It involves using location-specific keywords as well as a few other practices to help you reach the top of location-specified searches and outdo some of the local competition.

Easy Navigation

Another very important factor to incorporate into your website is easy navigation, which ties into the user experience. You want all the information and pages on your site to be very easily accessible, and not have potential customers struggling to find what they’re looking for. Easy navigation can be slightly harder to achieve than it seems!

Quick Loading Speed

Quick loading speeds may seem like a rather obvious factor but it’s still a very important one for your website. Slow loading speeds are pretty much a surefire way to deter customers. Loading speeds should be quick across all different browsers, and be fast on mobile devices and tablets too! Professional website builders know how to bring down your website loading speeds through image compression and other practices.

Visual Design

Humans are very visual creatures, and it is exceptionally important that your new website be visually attractive and appealing from the get go. You’ll find that you’ll probably have a lot of competition when it comes to great visual design and it may be challenging to stand out. Ensure that your visual design also reflects what your brand stands for.

Are you looking for professional website design services in Christchurch? The expert team here at Numero would love to be responsible for your web design needs and build you a site that you can be proud of!