Getting Started With Small Business Web Designs In Auckland

Just because you are not a multinational corporation doesn’t mean that your small business web designs in Auckland are unimportant. The same principles and procedures are valid regardless of the size of your operation.

When hiring a professional team to handle your small business web designs in Auckland, you should know what to expect from start to launch. Read on to find out more about the web design process to get your presence on the digital map.

Getting Started

The first phase will be planning. Your design team will ask you many questions so they can develop a good understanding of the personality of your business, its market position, branding and your goals going forward. They will be looking to establish three vital pieces of information before proceeding:

  • The intention or purpose of the website
  • The message that your website needs to convey
  • The target audience to be reached

Small Business Web Designs Popular In Auckland

Now some work will begin on your website’s actual design and layout. Pages will be created, various elements will be designed, and initial configurations, including placeholders for text placement and other objects, will be formulated. Items on each page will include logos, content, graphics, pictures and buttons.

Building The Website

During this technical part of the process, your small business web designs team in Auckland will put together aspects such as the user interface, colour schemes, interactive elements and content. This is all done using specialised software to generate the appropriate coding for the website. The result of this will be a well designed, fully functional website.

Ways To Optimise Your Small Business Web Designs Reach In Auckland

Depending on the established purpose of your website, aspects such as search engine optimisation, meta descriptions, keywords, links and URLs will be addressed.  Advice will be given on utilising advertising tools such as Google AdWords.

Testing And Launching Your Website

The team will conduct a complete evaluation of every aspect of your website to ensure that it functions flawlessly. Factors such as functionality, interaction, performance, load speed and security will be tested, and adjustments will be made as required.

After the testing phase is completed, the website is ready to launch and go live.

Contact Numero today for all your small business web designs in Auckland. We have a proven track record of delivering higher than average results, so let us help you to grow your business.