How Can Web Developers In Wellington Make Your Website Perform Better?

If you are frequently asking the question, “Is it possible that my website can perform better?” the answer that web developers in Auckland will give you is “Yes!”.  One of the essential functions of web developers in NZ is to optimise website performance.

Read on to learn more about the areas where web developers in Christchurch will focus their attention when looking to improve your website’s performance.

Website Speed

High-performance websites have the highest number of return visitors and the highest conversion rates, and these high levels of engagement contribute to organic search engine rankings.  Load speed is one of the defining characteristics of an effective website.  To assess this variable, the following areas will be investigated to identify any changes that can be implemented to improve load speed:

  • Switching to a content delivery network that allows for quicker content distribution.
  • Reviewing your web content and optimising things like file sizes without compromising on quality.
  • Analysing the use of plugins (third-party add-ons) and keeping only those that offer genuine value to the user experience
  • Assessing the quality of your current web hosting arrangements and optimising these choices within your budget.
  • Streamlining the use of JavaScript and CSS files to reduce the number of HTML requests to the server.
  • Implementing effective website caching capabilities to reduce constant reloading of web pages.

Web Developers In Wellington Will Enhance Your Visibility 

Visibility is a measure of how often your website is found on the Internet using search engine searches.  As organic traffic is the most valuable website traffic, low visibility means that visitors to your site will be low.  Your web developer in NZ will be able to assess the visibility of your website and suggest strategies to improve your rankings.

Usability Assessment By Your Web Developer In Auckland

Usability is a broad term that covers the overall presentation of information on your website and the ease with which a user can interact with it.  Consideration should be given to the placement of important items such as links, menus, forms, contacts and content. It is important to ensure high usability levels across all platforms, browsers and devices.

High levels of usability will ensure a positive experience for both existing and potential customers and help to build your customer base and enhance loyalty to your brand.

Contact Numero today for all your web development requirements.  We are the best web developers in NZ and our professional team can develop a high performing and effective website for your business.