How Do I Start a Website with No Experience?

Want to build your business website? With the availability of a variety of website builders, anyone can build a fairly decent website. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should. It’s a decision that must be considered carefully. After all, a tool is no replacement for a professional web design Auckland agency, especially for some projects.

So before we answer the question “how to build a website without any experience?”, let’s take a look at some important things to consider when going the DIY route.

Building a DIY Website is Time Consuming

With a website builder, it’s possible to build your website in a couple of hours. Simply choose the template you want, enter the basic details and add publish your text. On the other hand, a bespoke website built by a web design agency can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks (or more in some cases) to go live.

Although you can build a basic DIY website in a jiffy, you will need to put in a lot more time and effort to fully customise the design or set up the theme.

When you want to include a specific feature or include a specific message (which you will want to in all likelihood), you will find yourself spending a lot of time wading through the limitations of a drag and drop builder or a pre-set template.

From placing the elements on a webpage to ensure they look perfect to make sure you have the appropriate pages with the appropriate content in the navigation, building a website with no experience is time-consuming even if it is easy.

Although website builders allow you to update your content anytime easily and quickly, if an issue crops up or you don’t know how to update your website, you won’t have access to the expertise of a seasoned web designer when you are working with a DIY website builder.

A web design agency, on the other hand, will complete training as well as support, helping you at every step of the way to ensure you free up your time to focus on things that you dabble at – such as customer service, core operations, etc.

DIY Websites Offer Limited Customisation

Although website builders offer a variety of stylish templates for different industries that help you build a professional website, the only issue is that your website will look like everyone else’s.

DIY website themes are designed specifically to appeal to as many people as possible. This means your site will have the very same look and layout as hundreds of other sites.

For instance, the most popular WordPress theme, Genesis is used by tens of thousands of websites. That’s not perhaps the best way to create the right first-impression on your visitors.

Technical Features

Before you can set your website, you will need a domain name and hosting space. Most DIY site builders provide cheap hosting options that cost as little as $7 a month, which is a good deal per se. However, these cheap hosting packages come with a cost – you may have to make do with problems like unreliable uptime, slow page load speed and maintenance issues.

Search Engine Optimisation

Most site builders advertise SEO as a pre-built feature. However, there’s more to SEO than that. DIY site builders offer a limited capability to optimise  your website and there’s not much that you can change.

What’s more, all of the SEO is automated and not taken care of by an SEO expert. Although basic optimisation features are available on these platforms, that won’t give you an edge over the competition.

Moreover, limited tools are available to improve the SEO features or track analytics. Industry-leading tools such as Google Analytics are often not available on website builders, which means you are left with the tools provided by the platform.

The Right Way to Build a Website with No Experience

Now let’s address the question, “How do I start a website with no experience?”

We’d like to begin answering that question with a question:

How important is your online presence to growing your business?

If you believe your online presence is important to grow your sales, then there’s no scope for mistakes. Why do you think your clients/customers choose your business for the products/services they need?

Because they trust your brand or believe you offer a professional service or quality product. Because you are skilled at what you do.

The same applies to website design. When prospects visit your website, they expect a user-friendly experience; an experience that will create a stunning impression and convince them to invest in your product/service.

And that’s something you don’t want to leave to chance, much less to a DIY site builder.

Just like your customers trust your business for things that they can’t make/do themselves to the highest standards, you need a website design agency to build a website that will win the trust of customers and their business.

If you want a website that’s nothing more than a static calling card for your business, a website that you don’t expect to establish your credibility, generate leads or convert visitors into customers, then you don’t need anything more than a DIY website.

But if you are keen on growing your business, when you want to earn the trust of customers, when you want to leave your visitors in awe when they visit your website, when you want to win their trust and convert them into paying customers, you need a professional, user-friendly website that’s tailored for your target audience and your vision.

You want your website to effortlessly work for you rather than spending all your time fixing issues and errors in your website.

And a web design agency can help you enjoy all those benefits and more.

Here at Numero, we have many years of experience building professional websites for businesses across New Zealand. We offer a wide range of web design packages for every budget and requirement. Contact us today to discuss your project.