How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website in NZ?

There’s no straightforward answer to the question – “how much does it cost to build a website in New Zealand?”

It’s somewhat like asking “how much does a watch cost?” You could buy one for a few dollars. It may work for a few years or even a few days; no one can tell. On the other hand, you could buy a luxury watch for thousands of dollars, but for most of us, that could be excessive.

The same holds for web design costs. So the answer depends entirely on your requirements and how you go about getting the job done. At the lower end of the scale, you could get a website for almost next to nothing by building one yourself. On the other end of the scale is a website designed by a web design agency, which can cost a few thousand dollars. And then there are many other options in between.

Countless Options, But Only One True Choice

  • There’s no dearth of free DIY website builders these days. But it can take weeks and months to set things up what with learning the ropes and experimenting with different layouts and designs! You may have to make do with limited features and even ads on the website.
  • Then there are premium website builders, but you will still have to take the time to build the website. The big question is – do you have the time?
  • You could hire your friend’s, cousin’s son who knows how to work with WordPress, to build you a website. Sure, you won’t have to put in all the hard work, but you may pay a bit more. Not to forget, the cost of fixing all the things when things begin to go south (and they will!)
  • You could hire a freelancer or a one-man web design agency. The fees may be close to the more realistic cost of professional service, but you’ll have to make do with limited experience, resources and expertise. There’s no guarantee it will be a hassle-free experience. More often than not it isn’t!
  • You can even hire a web design agency in New Zealand to build your website – like Numero, for instance! With a team of web designers with years of experience building websites for an array of businesses, you will have a completely hassle-free experience.

If you are looking for a website that delivers the results you seek and a website that’s free of bugs, errors and issues – there’s only one true option to consider – hiring a web design agency!

How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost in New Zealand?

In our opinion, the question shouldn’t be “how much a website costs?” Instead, the question should be, “how much do I need to invest to get a website that delivers results for my business?”

You need a website that is user-friendly, SEO-friendly and conversion-friendly. Building such a website is no mean feat. It takes experience and lots of time. And that can never come cheap!

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. The lower the web design fees, the higher the compromises you can expect to make. You may save in the short-term but you must also account for the cost of the business you will lose owing to a poorly developed website!

A well-developed website can deliver traffic, leads and sales for your business.

And that’s something you don’t want to compromise, do you?

When you think from that point of view, your website is not a cost but an investment!

So how much would that investment be?

A custom small business website in New Zealand would cost from $1,000 to $10,000 and upwards, depending on the features you want and the size of your site.

Aspects that Determine the Cost of Your Website

There are 5 important aspects of web design that directly affect the cost.

  • Project Size – The cost of your website is directly proportional to the size of your project. The greater the scope of your project, the more the time needed to build and hence, the higher the cost. The scope of your project is defined by the number of pages you need, the kind of features you need (booking system, newsletter integration, etc.), and the complexity of the design.
  • Design Style – The cost of your website design project will depend on the number of unique designs your project needs. For instance, the homepage, blog, product page, and contacts page, each demand a unique design. The more the number of unique designs your site needs, the higher is your investment.
  • Ecommerce – An e-commerce website demands an array of features such as security, shopping cart, payment gateway, cookies, products, users, etc. This will increase the budget of your project significantly.
  • Database – If your project involves a database integration, it will call for extensive technical expertise and experience in solving issues that arise. If you need database integration, your web design cost will go up.
  • SEO Integration – A good web design agency will make SEO optimisation a part of its web design project. But when you need to create new content for your website, it must be optimised for SEO and that will carry a cost.
  • Additional Features – There are additional aspects that can increase the cost of your website such as content writing, additional pages, blog setup, photo galleries, newsletter integration, professional photography, etc.

Web Design New Zealand – What to Expect?

A professional web design agency will offer the following features as standard for all their standard web design charges:

  • Custom website design (instead of a template)
  • Content Management System (such as WordPress)
  • Responsive design to make sure your website works on all devices
  • Optimised code to make sure the website loads quickly
  • Features such as slideshow, contact form and social media links

Contact Numero for a Professional Website Today!

As mentioned above, your website is an investment. So make the right choice. Rather than choosing an agency based only on cost, it’s important to look for an agency that can build a winning solution for your website. And that’s something Numero can offer you. Contact us today to discuss your web design project in New Zealand!