How Do I Get Leads from Web Design?

Every business owner dreams of having an unlimited flow of leads. No matter the business you operate or the industry you are in, a professional website can go a long way in generating quality leads for your business.

So what does it take to build a lead generation website? In this post, we take a look at some of the essential features to include when building a lead generation website.

Provide Social Proof

People want to get a product that’s proven to work and is trusted by others. Your prospects would like to know that others are using your products/services and are happy with your company.

Including case studies and testimonials to your site will help boost your credibility and add validation to your brand. And that’s social proof! In short, people trust your brand if they see that others trust you. So if others are using your product/service, your visitors would want to do use it too.

For instance, if your target customer is a working mom, your visitors will feel at ease with your brand when they see case studies and testimonials from other working moms. They will instantly relate to their experience and testimony. These testimonials will act as references for your business.

Use a Call to Action on the Homepage

The aesthetic appeal of your homepage will help grab visitors’ attention but it’s your call to action (CTA) that will help retain that attention.

But it’s wise not to bombard your website visitors with a wall of text.

Your homepage is the starting point of your marketing funnel. So make the most of this by offering a valuable lead magnet to encourage your visitors to subscribe to a recurring campaign, like a newsletter.

Here are some excellent CTAs to add to the homepage:

  • “Book Your Free Trial” – A free trial/demo is a great way to grow your company. This allows you to generate demand for your products/services and build a list of prospects who are currently trying your product. On the homepage, place a CTA button and form for a limited-time free trial of your product. Use the form to collect the visitors’ name and email address. Once the demo/trial is complete, follow up with the prospect to take things forward.
  • “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” – Most people visiting your website for the first time aren’t ready to make a purchase. You can help them to get to know your brand and products/services better without any commitment/effort by inviting them to subscribe to your newsletter. Follow up with the prospects who opt-in to your mailing list to understand their level of interest and eventually convert them into qualified leads.

Contact Information

Including a contact number on your website boosts consumer trust and adds credibility to your brand and offerings. Even if your visitors do not contact you, seeing a contact number will give them peace of mind.

Live Chat Service

Live chat programmes are becoming a must-have tool to have on a website. Many visitors expect this feature when they want to know about a business they are considering. In the absence of a live chat feature, you may be missing out on highly valuable leads.

Before you put in place a lead generation strategy using live chat, begin by auditing your site to identify the pages that your visitors spend the most time on. A professional web design agency in Auckland can seamlessly integrate a live chat tool with your website.

You could even consider integrating your customer care team with the live chat feature. This way you can make sure the needs of every visitor are addressed.

Use Videos

Online videos are a great way to close the gap between the online world and reality while increasing your conversion rates greatly. This is especially true for e-commerce websites.

Not just any video will do. Be sure the video speaks to your visitors rather than at them. Users who watch a product video are more likely to convert compared to those who just view an ad.

Videos make your visitors feel more informed and help validate their purchase.

Invest in a Customised Website Design

This goes without saying, but when you want to generate quality leads, you must avoid generic templates and websites that look like a million others already floating on the internet.

Instead, get a customised website within your budget. Be sure to make the purpose of your website clear so your web design agency can build a website that’s tailored to your business, target audience and goals.

With a clear goal in mind, your web design agency can customise your website for lead generation rather than simply building a visually appealing website. A professionally designed, user-friendly website also builds trust and confidence in your brand, prodding your visitors to take the next step.

Test Continuously

No tip will work for you unless you test them to identify what works for your specific goals and requirements. When you want to improve the quality and number of leads coming your way, it’s important to proactively test new lead generation techniques and make constant improvements to your website. There’s no other way to identify what works for your business than proactive testing.

There are many aspects of your website that you can test and improve including:

  • Calls to action
  • The layout of the landing pages
  • Images and visuals you are using
  • Test different offers – free trial, free training, free gift, free coupon, etc.
  • Sales copy

Need a Lead Generation Website?

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