Is Professional Website Design, Dunedin, Necessary?

If you own a small business you are no doubt an entrepreneur and being entrepreneurial you know a website is key for business growth. But your cousin’s buddy said he can |”throw a website together for you and don’t bother with professionals, you’re a small biz”. But is any website design, Dunedin, ok? Can you “ramp it up” when you are bigger?

Handing hard-earned profits over for a well-designed, professional website may seem counterintuitive at first glance. It’s just a pretty placeholder with some widgets and some minor tracking needs surely? That thought process is very risky and will be the handbrake that keeps your company small for years to come. Let’s look at why website design, Dunedin, needs a professional involved.

The Power Of Website Design

You may not be particularly concerned about your website design but your clientele cares deeply about it. Humans are hardwired to react to visuals and three-quarters of your website visitors pass judgement on your business within 3 seconds, PURELY based on what they see.

Your business might be judged as out of touch, slow, low-tech, cheap or dodgy!

And the judgements can get harsher depending on the industry you are in. A research paper, published under the title “Trust and mistrust of online health sites”, assessed that ninety-four per cent of visitors had their first impression affected by the design of a website.

What Is Good Design?

Good design is a broad phrase and while we are all unique individuals there are common denominators in reactions to design. That’s why standard elements are extensively used and consistency of visual language is aimed for.

Just like the spoken language, there is ‘good’ English and ‘below par’ English. A professional writer will always outperform your cousin’s buddy by throwing together some words just as a professional website designer will outperform him or her with website design.

Benefits Of Good Website Design, Dunedin

Usability – Nearly ninety per cent of visitors go to your website to view your offering, two-thirds want your contact details and about half are interested in your About Page. These pages should therefore be easy to find and be engaging or you lose business. There are also standard conventions that the global market has grown to expect from websites and deviating from these can cause frustration.

Navigation – Navigation is not only about clicking on the top menu, its the following clicks that make or break many a client relationship. Hick’s Law states that if you give a person more decisions to make (clicks, for example), the longer their decision-making process becomes and the more distracted they become. Good designers know who to work with this.

Conversions – Good design leads your client and never has them second-guessing or wondering ‘how?’. Get the right amount of attention on offers & CTAs (calls to action), make buttons easily locatable and have professionally written content that is engaging. Content is one of the biggest influencing factors of conversions (new clients).

So is the cousin’s buddy getting the work or a professional whose work will drive up your business growth rate a thousand percent faster!

If you want good website design, Dunedin, and business with huge growth potential call our team of professionals today.