What Makes A PPC Campaign GREAT!

PPC Auckland, pay per click or paid advertising is the turbo part of your marketing charge to the front of the market and your accountant or shareholders will love its return on investment.

PPC, Auckland, delivers immediate visibility, new leads, more website traffic and new clients. Does that sound exciting? Sure does to most entrepreneurs! PPC will grow your business to the next level but it needs solid groundwork, supporting ‘structure’ and excellent conversion destinations. It is not a golden ticket working on its own, it will drive people to your ‘cinema of business’ but if you are not showing an interesting ‘movie’ they will leave in droves. Here are the key elements to making your PPC Auckland campaign great!

Website Optimisation

Before spending on PPC, get your foundations solid. What landing pages are you using? The landing page must be as engaging as your sizzling advert. Don’t link to a generic page but to a silo page honed to engage and convert clients.

The page must load fast, have no glitches, be visually appealing and not cluttered, be engaging, have persuasive calls to action, be hyperlinked to its searchable page, have the right meta descriptions, etc. Above all, it must be clear and concise with professionally written content.

Bidding Know-How

PPC campaigns require you to bid for the use of keywords and an experienced PPC agency knows how to leverage the rules to get you the keywords you need at a better price.

You can do manual or automated bidding but manual bidding can’t be optimised.

Automated bidding uses a little more budget but you can adjust strategies to align better with your goals e.g. conversions, visibility, or traffic.

Budget Size

One of the best aspects of PPC is the fact that you can control your budget and it doesn’t have to be a huge budget. You can launch a PPC campaign with a $50 budget for the Ad spend.

Keyword Analytics

Keyword analytics is the backbone of PPC because without the correct keywords your advert will not be displayed by the search engine.

It sometimes helps to see what your competitors are using but that is only one factor. The analytics side of the process will reveal what customers are using in their searches.

If your business relies on a local market segment, then locally relevant keywords should dominate your choices.

The search engines don’t only use keywords to select your Ads. The search engine also rates your digital presence with a quality score and this ultimately reduces click costs.

The Next Steps

Once you have done the groundwork you then must author and design a killer ad. It needs to be engaging, attractive, unique, concise and goal-focused.

Add a butt-kicking call to action (CTAs) and you’re set to win! People like to be told what to do next in order to achieve the goal of the advert so CTAs are important.

Now you can test two versions of your advert (A/B testing) and see which one gets the greater traction. This is an ongoing process as you refine and improve constantly.


PPC campaigns are not difficult but they are complex as there are a lot of factors that feed into and out of them. Experience with the process, planning, research, bidding and testing will save you a lot of time and money.

Once your masterpieces are launched, the tracking, multi-metric measuring and dynamic tweaking process runs constantly in the background to ensure the goals you want are achieved. That is how you use PPC to deliver excellent returns on investment.

Call us with any questions you have on PPC Auckland and let’s take your business growth to a new level!