These Digital Marketing Agency Tools In Auckland Will Get You Noticed Online

All the hype is about SEO and SEM and how to use these tools to get companies noticed online and drive traffic to their door. But there are other tools that a digital marketing agency in Auckland will employ as part of your online marketing campaign.

Read on to find out what other techniques can be employed to generate leads to convert into sales.

Social Media Marketing

With over four million active social media users in New Zealand, social media marketing is a must, especially for e-commerce sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are all excellent choices considering their high volume of users.

Establishing a profile of your target audience is essential when deciding which social platforms to use for your campaign. It is wise to concentrate your efforts on only one or two platforms; otherwise, you risk spreading your resources too thinly and having inadequate coverage on too many platforms.

Your digital marketing agency in Auckland can steer your efforts in the right direction to benefit from this ever-growing marketing opportunity.

Content Marketing

Your digital marketing agency in Auckland will tell you what a valuable tool content marketing is. It involves creating and sharing various materials online, including blogs, videos, podcasts, social media posts and newsletters. This content aims to engage, inform and attract users to your products and services by boosting your brand’s image.

By consistently producing high-quality content, not only will you engage your potential customer but also help you to build up a loyal customer base that returns to your pages and sites seeking your new content.

To yield reliable results, there needs to be a commitment to a long-term strategy of producing high-quality content on an ongoing basis.

Email Marketing

Despite being around for a long time, your digital marketing agency in Auckland will tell you that email marketing is still an extremely effective advertising tool. It allows you to build a relationship with customers by supplying them with valuable information via email.

Examples of the types of emails you can use for this purpose include:

  • Informative newsletters
  • New or updated product and service notifications
  • Invitations to events such as product launches
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Confirmation emails (for subscriptions, purchases, deliveries)
  • Invitations to connect with you on your social media platforms

Avoid overloading your recipients with too many emails or irrelevant material; this is a sure way to lead them to hit the unsubscribe button.

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