Use Website Design Services In Auckland To Add White Space To Your Website

Your website design needs to be on point to attract potential customers and hold their attention for as long as possible. Converting a browser into a customer is directly related to how long you can keep them engaged on your website.

There are many techniques that your website design services in Auckland will employ to make your website more appealing. One of these is to make effective use of white space. Read on to learn more about white space and how it can be used to enhance your website.

What Is White Space?

Any media that contains print or graphics also contains white space. White space, also known as negative space, is the part of the page or document with no text or graphics. In other words, it refers to blank spaces. Included in this are the spaces between the text itself and even the line and paragraph spacing.

White space is a crucial design element that balances printed areas, graphics and “breathing space” in your document or page.

Your website design services in Auckland will employ this technique to create a design that enhances the user’s interactions with your website. Pages that are crammed with information and graphics can be overwhelming and off-putting. The effective use of white space enriches the user’s visual perception of your pages.

Website Design Services In Auckland Tell You Why White Space Is Important

We have all had that experience of opening a webpage crammed full of text and graphics from top to bottom. The dizzying array of information is overwhelming for our brains, and there is nowhere for our eyes to be at rest.

Now compare that impression to a website with only a few graphic elements, simple headings and defined blocks of text, surrounded by plenty of empty space. Immediately, this will be more calming and eye-catching.

Website design services in Auckland will tell you that the other most important reasons for including white space are the following:

  • Focal Points – Adding white space around specific pieces of text or a graphic emphasises it on the page, leading the viewer’s eye to the thing you want them to be focussing on.
  • Increasing Legibility – Adding white space to text makes it easier to read. Increased font sizes, additional line spacing and extended paragraph spacing all contribute to this.

Contact Numero today for more information on top web design techniques. Our website design services in Auckland can enhance your website by including white space and many other effective design concepts. We can help you create a website that attracts and holds the attention of your potential customers.