5 Modifications you can do on your eCommerce Website to Boost Conversion

There are many ways to leverage your website conversion rate to the point that it will generate more leads, but when it comes to an eCommerce site the science is a bit different. There are many factors that affect sales of an eCommerce site hence affecting the conversion rate directly. There are many Kiwi online stores who have had a good conversion rate achieved for them by Website Design Auckland.

People often ask for the magical ingredient to win on the eCommerce conversion game. While the strategy may vary from one eCommerce website to another, but highlighted below are some handpicked ux components that can very well boost conversion of any given eCommerce site.

eCommerce Website Design Auckland;
5 Essential UX Components to take care of

Light-Weight & Good Quality Product Images

Product images play a key role in any eCommerce website. A good quality product image is of paramount importance to an eCommerce website. A survey carried out by Web Design Company Auckland tells the same story, a pet store selling pet accessories is a good selling online store only if the pictures of the accessories are of good quality, lightweight and in different perspectives.

A good product image, according to some of the https://numeroagency.co.nz/best Auckland web designers, is the one that is high on quality and low on memory. Due to the advancement in mobile technologies, websites are now built with keeping the mobile and tablet users first in mind. The lower the memory space images take on mobile the better conversion rate for the website. On the other hand good better quality product images lead to better traffic and user experience.

Content is King

Most visitors are concerned with the product feature and detail descriptions. People want to make sure they buy the right product for the right money. One of the beauties of online shopping is that you get a whole lot information before you buy a certain product. If your product information is inadequate you are most probably losing on a great deal of conversion. A good product information has all the details that can answer all the possible queries that can come in the mind of an average customer. Giving proper headings for features, qualities, comparison points and other selling points in proper placement and usage can make a good content for boosting your sales.

FAQ section is another way to answer the customer’s common queries. A good FAQ can be very useful in turning visitors into customers. Check out some good examples for a good quality content in Web Design Company Auckland website.

Promotional Videos

Gone are the days when only images would be the only media found on an eCommerce website. In today’s world where facebook and youtube videos are making a great deal of impact on users and creating a whole new experience for both consumers and marketers alike. We are seeing more and more product promotional and explanatory videos to complement the product images.

Product videos have become a very useful addition to the user experience of a website. As many buyers would like to see things in action and see how it works before they buy them. Web Design Company Auckland showcases few good examples in the portfolio that exhibits videos as for product promotion.

Customization sells like hot cakes

If there is anything that consumers like the most while buying products online; it’s personalization. From cars and houses to purse and phone cases people want to see if a product has enough customization options available. According to a survey by some of the best Auckland web designers, women shoppers tend to look for customizable products more than men do.

Design to fit all device types

The digital revolution has brought online experience to handheld and wrist wears. More and more people are browsing websites on mobile devices than ever before. Website load times, images resolution and template models are redefined to create a seamless user experience for mobile and tablet devices.